various causes that need our immediate attention

There are many social issues that are currently plaguing the country. The condition of women and children in various parts of the country is deplorable. Women continue to suffer from domestic abuse, marital rapes and other forms of emotional abuse. Children are malnourished with no prospects of a healthy lifestyle. There is not enough food or even water for that matter. While we roam around in air-conditioned cars, a significant part of the population is forced to sleep on the footpaths. Unemployment and illiteracy, which are the main hindrances in the development of any nation, are at an all-time high. The wage gap is increasing making the rich more powerful while the poverty-stricken continue to beg on the streets. A lot of healthcare foundation have come up in order to support various causes that need our immediate attention. These NGOs in Third world countries are doing their bit to help alter the pitiable conditions of the country.

As a privileged citizen of the nation, it is our duty to do whatever we little we can for those who are less fortunate. There are many ways a person can help these NGOs in Third world countries and do their bit for good. One can donate directly to these NGOs in Third world countries to support their actions. Even small donations when pooled together can make a big difference. Other than monetary help, NGOs in Third world countries are always looking for volunteers and sincere people to help run the programs and campaigns. One can also help NGOs in Third world countries by providing their knowledge, advice and services in their areas of expertise to them. By conducting collection drives in your office, societies and friend circle you can raise some good funds for an NGO. The least a person can do, is spread a word about their work and achievements. By sharing their work and informing people about the impact they made, help them reach to a wider audience and potential donors.

Recently, to raise awareness and the much-needed funds a lot of NGOs in Third world countries are using new technology and tools. One of the very first things they do is launch a website with complete information about the work they have done and the impact it caused in the society. Newsletters, brochures, flyers, mail newsletters are used to show their work and success stories. The newest trend is to use social media platforms, to spread the word among masses and reach the new and young generation of potential donors and volunteers. These platforms are simple to use and maintain and really cost effective. With Online fundraising options available, NGOs have connected with people from far and remote locations and collected funds for their functioning.

Needless to mention that the work done by some of the NGOs in Third world countries is highly admirable. It inspires you to do some good and help some underprivileged citizens of our nation. Reading and listening to their success stories and how they helped transformed lives of some, makes you believe that change is possible. We learn that every penny and every hand counts.